White and the Butterflies

What is your favorite story? have you ever thought about one?

I am not talking about the stories you read in books, those stories belong to someone else’s story. I mean have you ever thought about which part of your life is your favorite story?

You see life to me is all about the many stories each one of us hold. I know we often hear people say things like, life is a journey and this period is a chapter in your life, and then the next chapter will follow and so on, as if life was just one story that you keep writing, editing and adding to it.

But, I think people are missing out. I think they underestimate life by deciding on just one story and ignoring the rest. Our lives are not made of one story. It’s made of many stories. And my favorite stories are the ones made and written in my mind and heart simultaneously in seeing unusual things in random places. Sometimes I get really lost in trying to make up my mind about one story out of the many stories to write about. But, I think for now, I will leave them to my books. To the future. To the books that will speak to you about the adventures and people I have met along.

Today, I just want to tell you a very short story of mine. One of my recent favorite ones. If you are a nature person, you are going to love this one. Or at least I hope you will…

If you know me, you know that white is my favorite color and anything white I like it, from flowers to animals to… you name it. But today I want to tell you about my love for white butterflies, why I love them and why they are important to me. You probably have seen them many times. So I want to tell you a little bit more about them. White butterflies are among the first butterflies that appear in spring and usually they are the last ones to disappear which happens to be in fall. They have different names depending on their life cycle. And like every other things, their meanings and symbolism change from one culture to another. For example for some cultures, white butterflies are symbols of spirits, or soul and some other cultures look at it as a sign of death.

But, I think like everything else, you can have your own idea about it. And for me it symbolizes connection and energy that what I feel, think, see, and do at the moment is in sequence with what I want in the future. And believe me it’s true. At least for me. All the major things in my life that has happened so far, in the times when I was most connected to them, I have seen a white butterfly flying by me. And based on it, I have made many big decisions. And believe me, those were the best decisions I have made even when they seemed not to be at the time.  You just have to believe it in your heart and notice it with your eyes.

And a few days ago, I saw the first white butterfly in a really, really long time.

I know the idea may sound so simple or probably insane, but I think if you think of it like that you miss the point again. Life is made of stories, and may be, just may be, the white butterfly you are going to see is going to help you make your next story. And it’s going to be beautiful.

Oh and spring is here!