Twinkle Twinkle My Lucky Star


Have you ever seen the twinkle star? No, let me rephrase it. Do you believe in it?

I haven’t seen it. Not yet. Not in the real world though, but I have seen it once in my dream and it was the most magical thing I have seen. Only that it was just in my dream.

She was so bright, and something out of this world. I may not be able to prove that it does exist in this world. But, even if it didn’t exist, I would still believe it does. Because I am a believer in the invisible. I want to believe in seeing what my eyes fail to see sometimes and I want to believe in touching what my hands can’t reach sometimes.

But, if you ask me, I think there are plenty of lucky stars in the sky. For each and everyone of us. And I think each one of them is bound to our wishes, hopes, and dreams. Some of us see it sooner than others. Some of us miss it. Then there are those who keep waiting and looking for it to show up. And then one night it will show up in their sky and it will be so beautiful and unreal.

And I hope you know that just because you and I haven’t seen it yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. I know they will tell you it doesn’t exist. They have told me that. I know they will say that it’s ideal and you shouldn’t waste your time. But, I hope you will wait for it and you won’t give up.

I hope when it does show up, you will be sitting on a chair with your favorite blanket wrapped around you and a warm cup of tea alone or with a loved one, under the sky. Or…I hope you will be standing beside the ocean and hearing the waves as they celebrate with you when the moment arrives. I hope wherever you will be and whoever you will be with, you will appreciate her when she finally shows up for you because she will be a miracle just for you to tell you that magic does exit. And I hope it will make you restore your faith in all the things you have lost faith in the past.


And I can’t wait to see mine.