Once, one of my friends told me” if you want to find God, go to a place where there are no people, and just listen. You will realize that everything around you is alive and you will find that God is  everywhere..”

Ever since then, and I have been thinking about this… well until today. I woke up, and I felt like it’s time to do this. I wanted to go to a place where I can be completely alone. So I had my breakfast, and then went to the forest behind my place in my comfy clothes.

I stood in the middle of the woods as crazy as it may seem, closed my eyes and I listened sincerely this time. The only thing I had to remember to do was to breathe. I have always been the nature girl, everything about nature inspires me always. Being connected to the world around me has always been my utmost goal, but I also tend to forget and I am sure most of you do sometimes too, that everything around us is also alive and breathing just like us.

The trees, the wind, the earth I was standing on, the sky, the birds. They all spoke to me in their own languages, and all of them whispered the same thing, “you are not alone, you are never alone, the whole universe is breathing just like you, it’s connected to you, will you stay connected too?”

With each breath, I felt like the whole universe was going inside me, and this big scary world felt nothing compared to the power I held  at that moment. And it’s also something that my Yoga teacher always reminds me to do. She always tells me how important is to remember to breathe from my stomach, because I always forget.

I don’t know why I had to tell you all about this. May be it’s my way of reminding you as well about what I always forget. That the universe is alive and it’s speaking to you. So fall in love with it. Love, love, and love everything in it, even the things you are most terrified of. You never need a reason to love. For example, the bugs which I am terrified of and I don’t even know why. After all, they are also part of everything alive around me. So I love them, but I’m still terrified of them.

Aren’t we all made of the same elements?