Do You Know the Kind of Love Between a Father and a Daughter?

The other day, I was eating in a restaurant, a father and his daughter came to sit beside me. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and feeling that beautiful pure connection between the two.

I thought.

That’s the kind of love I want to find. In myself. In the people around me. In God.

The kind of love that never gets enough from you.

The kind of love that when you do wrong, he comes to tell you “It’s okay baby, I’m here. I’m here, no one can harm you”.

The kind of love that makes you want to go to the end of the world, only to come back to his arms, knowing you have a home in his heart.

The kind of love that doesn’t care how you look when you wake up, because despite your messy hair and your awkward look, he still think you are the most beautiful girl he has set his eyes on.

The kind of love that when you are afraid to do something, he doesn’t belittle your fear. But, helps you grow out of the fear.

The kind of love that holds all the many emotions you have because sometimes they are too heavy to carry around.

The kind of love that makes him call you, his eyes, his heart, his liver, because that’s how he wants to address you. Simply it’s his way of telling you, “I love you more than myself”.

The kind of love that makes you feel confused because he makes you laugh so hard, when you want to cry so bad.

And you know what? Everyone deserves that kind of love.