My words and their meanings

I spent last night thinking about my favorite words in Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Korean. I have never really thought about my favorite words before, so it was a kind of practice for me; but since writing is my passion, words are very important to me.

Words can be as devastating as destructive weapons or as sweet and warm as a mother’s love.

I love learning different languages.

When you speak a new language you become part of a new culture and you will be able to understand its history.


I speak three langues only, Kurdish that’s my native language, Arabic because I am surrounded by Arab countries so it was important for me to learn the language, and English because I love it and I am learning Korean now and I have to say I JUST LOVE IT. Though, it’s a little difficult to learn.

Words always sympathize something, they give meaning and value to a particular object. And the reason why we love some words over others is because they either remind us of something or someone remarkable in our lives.

And sometimes, we love the words just for their meanings.

To me, it’s mostly because of the stories behind the words. So I am happy to share some of my favorite words in Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Korean. I will give each word its meaning in English just in case you don’t understand Kurdish, Arabic, or Korean.

My favorite words in Kurdish:

Jargo: (liver) I never thought I would like this word someday, but the word reminds me of all the great people in my life and thanks to them, I love this word now. My friends and I call each other Jargo, so that makes us all Jargos.

Shirin: (Sweetness) The meaning says it all.

Daya: (mom) I’m positive that every Kurd loves the word.

Baran: (Rain) Because I love rain, because the word brings tranquility and joy to me even though rain is noisy, but noisy in a good way (like echoes of rain).

Galla: (leaf) Because each leaf recalls a story of its own.

Azadi: (freedom) Because I strive for.

Papula: (butterfly) Believe it or not I always see white butterflies around me no matter where I go, and I take that as a good sign from God.

Baba: (dad) The word is smooth, and because my dad is the only man who’s been able to touch my heart wholly so far.

My favorite words in English:

Peculiar: Because I am.

Moon: Because I talk to every chance I get, because it gives me hope and an ear to listen to my stories before I tell them to anyone.

Fly:  Because I am determined not to settle unless I find my sense of belonging in the world.

Hope: The word itself gives me hope

Faith: Because I live by it.

Beyond: I like the word for its pronunciation, but I also like it because I always tend to look beyond the ordinary and want people to see beyond what I appear to be.

Aurora: Simply beauty of the universe! I am hoping one day I will see it with my eyes.

My favorite words in Arabic:


مغامرة :  (adventure) Because I love challenges and going on adventures.

الطبيعة: ( nature) Because I love everything in nature, nature reminds me of who I am.

حالم: (dreamer) Because I am.

My favorite words in Korean:-

I am still a beginner, so am going to share few words among those that I’ve learnt so far.

 Chingu: (friend) Because I have so many great friends in my life, and they mean SO much to me.

Saranghaeyo: ( I love you) Because I love so many people and they are very precious to me.

Nnuen: (I) The word is very simple, I like it, and I am a firm believer that if you’re not able to use I confidently, then you won’t be able to stand up for anyone including yourself or anything in life.

Bogo Sipda: (to miss someone) I like the pronunciation of the word. And yes, I miss you. Note that the “S” is read as “Sh”.

I can’t wait to learn new words in Kurdish (because even though I am a Kurd, I still feel there are words that I need to learn), Arabic, English, and Korean. I can’t wait to share new words, new meaning and new stories behind the words.

What about you? What are your favorite words?