Celebrate your achievements

All my life, I have been a hard working student. I have always had passion for reading, especially for poetry and prose. I remember when two of my sisters were at school (both older), I would often take their books and read them, especially if it was a book of poetry or short stories. There was one poem that I liked most about a village girl written by Goran, one of the most famous Kurdish poets of all times. I can still recall parts of the poem.

I was sent to school when I was five, I was pretty young and I have had a really hard time at school. Like many kids, first year of school was terrifying to me, the environment, experience, everything was so new and I just wanted to fit in. I don’t remember every detail about my first year, but I do remember one particular day very well.

That day, I walked slowly to class, it was one dreary autumn afternoon. I took my seat which was at the very end (I have always been taller than most of my classmates, so I had to sit in the back, which I hated).

My teacher who was a young harsh women walked into the class, for some reason she would NEVER smile, I don’t know why. She walked in and straight slammed the door. I immediately started crying, screaming, and asking my teacher to open the door. At that moment, I was frightened, the weather outside was gloomy, and the class was somewhat dark, and I was just a kid, all that scared me.

Guess what she did?

She walked towards me, and slapped me hard on the face. Yes, can you believe that?

In that instant, I cried even harder, and run out of the class to home, to not return to it. I remember I was crying on the road calling for my dad, my hideout. After telling my parents of what happened, I decided to quit school. My parents tried to convince me of going back, but I was determined, I wouldn’t go back.

So I didn’t.  After one year I returned to school, fortunately my teacher was no longer there.

For quite sometime, I was bullied among my relatives for missing education for one year and being such a coward ( we all have been bullied for one thing or another, haven’t we? I ironic, I know).

When I was a teenager, I really wanted to find my teacher and slap her right on the face, so she would understand how it feels to slap a frightened five years old girl.

But, years passed, and instead I made a commitment to study hard and get both my Bachelor and Master.

Determined I was, I got a good education at UKH, majored in politics and international relations. And straight after graduation, I applied for Masters in the same filed. Within a year, I finished my MA and graduated with honor (2014).
When I look back, I see my childhood scars small, but I do appreciate having them, I really do. And I have to thank my relatives  and  my classmates,  those who bullied me during my childhood. Because of them, I’ve became the person I am today.

If life was as easy as the flowing river, I wouldn’t have achieved all the things I have now and I wouldn’t dream big. 🙂